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Local seasonal events and festivals

Attend a Sewickley Community Center event
Upcoming events + activities
The Center hosts seasonal fundraisers, events and festivals all year!

As part of the community, we host gatherings for social, educational, and cultural activities. Juneteenth is our largest event.

Browse the calendar for upcoming events at the Center or around Pittsburgh!

Sewickley Community Center
Festival + Event Calendar

Our festival and event calendar keeps track of upcoming opportunities for the Sewickley community to gather and celebrate social and cultural events.

Feel free to reach out to The Center if you have questions about an upcoming event and would like to know more!

Plan your Event with us!
Request time or space at the center

Looking to request a room or time at The Center? You can contact us directly or use our easy online form to submit your request.

A nominal hourly fee may be charged per room requested, to be discussed when we confirm your reservation.