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Your support helps us support our community and we THANK YOU for your Support!

All of the work we do here is through donations and volunteers as we are a non-profit (501c3).






While financial support is imperative there other ways to help - Through your Time, Talent and Treasures!


Volunteer at the Center! The uncontrollable giggle of a three-year-old...the focused brow of a young teen...the rosy, relaxed smile of an elder. Could be a Hallmark movie. But it’s what
you’d experience if you dropped in to the Sewickley Community Center on any day of the year and volunteered!


We are currently looking for the following to be donated for free, so if you are talented and and have these skills we are looking for you and the following services:

  • General Contractor to draw up and layout a kitchen redo using some donated equipment and cabinets  (just a layout at this time to help us add this to our 5 year plan)

  • Architect to help us find/redo our property plans (drawings of the building, etc). We don't have a current set of plans, and we would like to have this for future planning.


We are currently in need of the following items:

Also looking for:

  • New Carpet for our Pine Room

  • New Gutters

  • Stamps

  • General Contractor to help with the Woman's Locker Room Renovations

  • Plumber to help with the Woman's Locker Room Renovations

Questions? Contact us:


Contact us at for more information or to help us out!

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and can be made safely and securely through PayPal.

If you donate to United Way you can also use our designation number #12472437.