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Sewickley Community Center

Serving the Sewickley's ever-changing needs since 1935!

A community activity center for everyone
Helping Sewickley residents live to their full potential.

At The Center, we believe that everyone – regardless of age, income, or background – deserves the opportunity to live life to its fullest, happiest, healthiest potential.

Seeing people like you support one another is the greatest gift we can imagine.

When you make a gift to The Center, it goes to support another person, possibly much like you, who will benefit from safe childcare or becoming part of team when they couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Your support of our mission could be life-changing to your neighbors. If you are in the position to support another person in our community through a donation of any size, please consider the difference that we can make when we work together.

A photo collage of the fun activities at the community recreation center in Sewickley.
Community Activity Center
Sewickley community programs + services

We offer affordable community resources, programs, festivals, and events to bring together Sewickley residents together.

How to get involved
Join the Sewickley Community Center

We depend on the involvement of the Sewickley community to help the Center evolve to meet our resident's changing needs. Our mission is to provide affordable activities, opportunities, and space to meet the diverse needs of the Sewickley Valley Area–join us, and discover your fullest potential.

  • Volunteer

    Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Community Center. Share your skills, or learn a new one!

  • Donate

    Your donations help other community members access the vital resources they need.

  • Career Resources

    Browse our Sewickley job resources to find a rewarding career.